Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hello :)


This is Niesa and Im gonna update about our 
batch Graduation Day soon after this SPM done.
For us yang amek Sains Agama ni kitorang merdeka pada :
Selasa, 3 Disember 2013 tepat pukul 12:30 pm
That would be Bahasa Arab 1 and 2 paper. 
Uhh cant wait to experience that moment. Wuhuu XD
I think this is the first post for this year and it's already November!!
Can you imagine that? Kejadahnye bapok lame tak update blog ni. 
Gile ah HAHA
Maaa.. (Japanese slang of saying So.. or Well..) have no things left to say more.
So, see you soon!

Nie Kazuya
Die hardfan Jdoramas and Jpop
Kisah pulak mak =3


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